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Beacon Scholarship at LSE in UK 2022

London School of Economics and Political Science awards the Beacon Scholarship award for the next three academic years in collaboration with The Beacon Equity Trust.

Up to six new Beacon Scholarship awards for University for a 3-4 year undergraduate degree program are obtainable every new academic year, one to each Beacon Partner University. Applicants have to be nominated by their present School Head and once they have gotten an offer of admission to their chosen university, will be asked to apply for a Beacon Scholarship award for the University.

The Beacon Scholarship award offers access to the utmost quality education for particularly gifted Kenyan children, who futuristically will have the poise and ability to become leaders in their selected fields in their own nation.

The London School of Economics is a state-owned research university situated in London, England and a component college of the federal University of London.

Worth of Beacon Scholarship at LSE

  • This scholarship award is mutually funded between LSE and The Beacon Trust. For 2019, the scholarship award amount to a total of £20,000 each academic year.
  • The Beacon Equity Trust and University Partner will cover 1/3 each of the aggregate cost of tuition, maintenance and stipend for one return economy airfare. All other costs which are not covered within the maintenance stipend are the responsibility of the student and their Family.

Eligibility for Beacon Scholarship at LSE

  • This scholarship award is for applicants from Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda.

Applications are assessed by the Beacon Equity Trust for proof of leadership prospect using the following conditions:

(a) Academic Excellence

Candidates have to receive an offer of admission in at least one university taking part in The Beacon Scholarship award for University program. Grade conditions for gaining entry into Beacon Partner Universities are high, and vary by program.

(b) Achievement in Sport, Music or Drama

A candidate has to prove that they are more than just an active partaker in sport, music or drama, with some official level of adeptness or accreditation.

(c) Social Influence and Communication

The candidate should have held a role of responsibility in their school, or failing that, offer some proof of confidence amongst peers.

(d) Citizenship

A candidate is required to show through examples that they have assisted those less privileged than themselves, or have carried out work in the community, and are seen as role models. Selflessness, kindness and concern for others are key requirements for The Beacon Scholarship award and Scholars will be expected to show continuing proof of their efforts in these areas.

(e) ‘Change-maker’

Candidates will also be required to prove, with instances, that they are a ‘Change-maker’, i.e. that:

  1. They possess the ability to ‘take people with them’ and
  2. They are before now making a difference, not at some point in time in the future.

How to Apply for Beacon Scholarship at LSE

  • To put in for this scholarship award, please apply straight to the Beacon Trust.
  • The scholarship award application procedure is fairly uncomplicated and plenty of information is provided on the website on how to proceed with it.
  • The first step is enlisting and obtaining a Nomination Form from the ‘Apply’ section of the website and getting that filled by your School Head. Getting a scholarship award is highly competitive and only those with the best scholarship applications that satisfy the Beacon Scholarship award conditions receive awards.

Application Deadline

  • The closing date for the receipt of applications is 29 April 2021.

Owing to coronavirus (COVID-19), the Financial Support Office (FSO) is now operating remotely, which means they cannot take hard copies of application forms or supporting credentials. They are now taking imaged copies of application forms and supporting credentials by the scholarship award closing date.

To be given consideration for a Beacon Scholarship award, please fill the LSE Undergraduate Scholarship Application 2021 and send an imaged copy together with your supporting credentials to the FSO at

All decisions will be transmitted by the end of July 2021.

Visit here for more information and to apply

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