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Brookes Cultural Heritage Scholarship at Deakin University in Australia 2022

Deakin University in Australia welcomes applications for the Brookes Cultural Heritage Scholarship award program for PhD program in the 2021/22 school year.

With more than 45 years of experience as one of Australia’s foremost higher education providers, Deakin has won a lot of awards and teaches more than 60,000 scholars every year. They offer their scholars first-class programs and endless possibilities.

Project details:

Jewish émigrés who fled Nazi tyranny and anti-Semitism prior to, during, and following the Holocaust had a substantial influence on Australian life in a range of areas like art and design, industry, architecture, politics, and education. These émigrés represent a history that is inherently geographical, and their material and creative travels did not end when they arrived in Australia.

Through a technique that foregrounds international and diasporic histories (Curthoys and Lake 2005; Peterson 2017; Hawcroft 2017; Erll 2011, 2014) this project will investigate new techniques of telling stories of travel, training, and suffering in exhibitions linked to the Holocaust and other ethnic cleansings.

How did émigrés’ education, specialised practice and experiences travel with them, and impact their work? What are the micro and macro influences on Australian society? How can these personal accounts be presented within broader histories? How can the charting of material and creative journeys of people and relics be used to influence new techniques to curatorial practice? How might these in turn demonstrate a more nuanced reading of the influence of migration to Australia?

They request for expressions of interest for a PhD project which focus on this broad theme.

The Brookes Cultural Heritage Scholarship award and research project is funded by the Sir Wilfred and CH Brookes Charitable Foundation.

Worth of Brookes Cultural Heritage Scholarship

This scholarship award is obtainable over 3 years.

  • $28,600 annually tax exempt (2021 rate)

Eligibility for Brookes Cultural Heritage Scholarship at Deakin University

To be qualified for the Brookes Cultural Heritage Scholarship award, you have to:

  • be either a local or foreign candidate presently residing in Australia (local includes applicants with Australian Permanent Residency, Australian Citizenship, or New Zealand Citizenship).
  • meet Deakin’s PhD entry criteria
  • be enlisting full time and possess an honours degree (first class) or an equivalent standard master’s degree program with a significant research constituent.

Candidates looking to enrol in a research degree program at Deakin are required to have a proven ability to undertake substantial research in a defined area of interest.

Your past studies will have comprised advanced coursework in an applicable field, initial training in relevant research methods and submission of a substantial research component in a written report or similar output.

Research skills may be proven in a variety of ways. Candidates putting in to undertake a higher degree by research have to:

  1. satisfy the University’s English language criteria
  2. have fulfilled one of the minimum entry criteria in a relevant field from an accredited tertiary institution at the standard stated, or display equivalent prior learning and research experience. Required qualifications should have been gotten less than five years before application. Where qualifications do not satisfy this condition, the candidate is required to provide an additional portfolio of proof of equivalent research or specialised experience and outputs from the past five years. Further proof may include but is not restricted to: verified reports, workplace experience, conference presentations, reviews, publications and data analysis.

How to Apply for Brookes Cultural Heritage Scholarship at Deakin University

  • Please submit application for the Brookes Cultural Heritage Scholarship award using the expression of interest form

Application assessment

Deakin evaluates each application on its merits, and final decisions are made at the pleasure of the University instead of individual faculty members. The University has to also take into consideration supervisor availability, the relevance of the proposed project, strategic university objectives and obtainable funding.

Application Deadline

Applications will stay open until position is filled

Visit here for more information and to apply

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