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Gifted Education and Culture International Scholarship in Germany 2022

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation in Germany is welcoming applications for the Gifted Education and Culture International Scholarship award program for Postgraduates and Doctoral applicants in 2021.

With its scholarship award program, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung backs international students for a postgraduate or master’s degree program and doctoral students at German schools. It actively adds to intercultural discourse, the formation of foreign networks and the globalisation of universities.

You have the chance to put in for a scholarship award from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung overseas at the respective foreign offices. However, this necessitates that a selection conference take place in your nation or region in the near future. In 2021, selection meetings will take place in Hong Kong, Warsaw, Belgrade, and Vilnius.

Worth of Gifted Education and Culture International Scholarship

The Gifted Education and Culture International Scholarship award is granted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research based on the following:

  • Based on the economic situation of the parents, it can presently amount to up to € 649 each month.
  • Notwithstanding, every scholarship beneficiary obtains a monthly book stipend of € 300, Study stays overseas can be financially backed for up to two semesters.
  • All benefits are awarded as non-refundable awards.
  • For scholarship award beneficiaries with a minimum of one child who has not attained the age of 10, a monthly childcare stipend can be awarded. It is € 130, – per child.
  • For awardees who get a basic scholarship award, an award for health and long-term care insurance of up to € 86, – each month can be awarded upon application.

Eligibility for Gifted Education and Culture International Scholarship

  • Candidates of all disciplines who fulfil the criteria of § 8 BAföG with respect to their nationality and who are regular scholars at state/state-recognized German schools, at colleges of fine arts and music, at colleges of higher education, at the Fernuniversität Hagen (only full-time students), at universities of applied sciences (colleges, which are financed in line with the Landeshochschulgesetz) and also at schools in other European nations (EU-nations and Switzerland) or will begin studying at the next possible semester after the application closing date and are not more than 35 years;
  • Dual degree programs can be funded if full-time study at the state or state-licensed universities is concluded. The latter has to be verified with the aid of the enrollment certificate.
  • As a candidate for the Promotion of Young Journalists (JONA): scholars of all disciplines; An application is advised until the 3rd semester (Bachelor / Staatsexamen).

How to Apply for Gifted Education and Culture International Scholarship

Listed below are the application processes for Gifted Education and Culture International Scholarship award;

  • The questionnaire: This detailed document is not merely for gathering formal information about the individual and about studying. Rather, they want to get a feel of your character and interests.
  • The Report: The questions in the Personality Report focus on your comprehension of values ​​and your interests, on your devotion and on your personal features.
  • Your CV: This is not about linking a tabular CV with merely a few sentences. The matching information is given in the questionnaire. Rather, you have to make use of the formulated resume to make them curious: your personality, your drive to apply to them, your reason for your field of study and your volunteer experience, and your strengths.
  • Please submit your application at and submit the above documents also.

Candidates for a doctorate scholarship award should also submit:

  • A comprehensive rationalization of the dissertation topic: This abstract should be in German or English (4-5 pages) and comprise information on the reason for picking the dissertation topic, problem outline, solution approach and also information on methods and processes, work plan and schedule with an extra bibliography.
  • An informal professor’s report: This has to be issued by the advisor of your dissertation project, if you have one already.
  • a verification of supervision for the PhD

Application Deadline

Application closes July 15.

Visit here for more information and to apply

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