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Heinrich Boll Scholarships in Germany 2022

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is awarding the Heinrich Boll Scholarships to foreign scholars who obtained their university entrance qualification from a school not within Germany who want  to study a Masters or PhD Degree program in Germany. The Heinrich Boll Scholarships apportions scholarship awards to foreign students, both EU and non-EU, who are not trained in Germany.

Nurturing democracy and safeguarding human rights, taking action to avert the destruction of the worldwide ecosystem, improving equality between women and men, ensuring peace via con­flict prevention in crisis areas, and protecting the freedom of individuals against undue state and economic power – these are the goals behind the ideas and doings of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. They maintain close connections to the German Green Party (Alliance 90/The Greens) and as a group of experts for green visions and projects, they are part of a global net­work including well over 100 partner projects in around 60 nations.

They see the advancement of young talent as a contribution to democratic ethos. That is why they are seeking personalities who are politically active and who reason in a novel and independent way. They back young people who will assume responsibility in politics, science and society someday and who are devoted to the core values ​​of the Heinrich Böll Foundation all over the world. They contribute to foreign comprehension by advancing global exchange, intercultural discourse and networking.

Eligibility for Heinrich Boll Scholarships

International Master Candidates who obtained their university entrance qualification outside Germany:

  • Evidence of first professional qualification has to be provided

International Doctoral candidates who obtained the university entrance qualification outside Germany:

  • The candidate is required to have been admitted as a doctoral student by a state or state-accredited university in Germany. Evidence of admission, as a rule in Germany, has to be included with the application.
  • By the period of application, initial work should have been completed and a valid timetable for conclusion has to be submitted.
  • PhD subjects related to main points of the Foundation’s undertakings will be given precedence.

Host Institution(s): State or state-accredited Schools  in Germany

Level/Field(s) of study:

The Heinrich Boll Scholarships are granted towards Master’s Degree or PhD Degree in all subjects provided at state or state-accredited schools in Germany

For EU scholars, Master’s Degree programs at state or state-accredited universities in Germany, Switzerland, and other EU member nations are possible.

Number of Scholarships: Not stated.

Benefits of Heinrich Boll Scholarships

Masters Studies:

Non-EU scholars: €850 each month plus different individual stipends; tuition fees are in certain situations possible in Germany.

EU scholars: varies, max. €649 with €300 book money each month; tuition fees not obtainable in Germany but possible to a certain extent in other nations.

The Heinrich Boll Scholarships are granted for the regular length of study, may be prolonged by one semester.

PhD Studies:

Non-EU scholars: €1,200 each month with €100 mobility stipend each month, plus various individual stipends; tuition fees are not possible.

EU scholars: €1350 each month basic scholarship award plus €100 each month research expenses allowance; tuition fees are not obtainable in Germany but possible to a certain extent in other nations.

The scholarship award is granted for two years as a rule, may be extended twice at most by half a year.

How to Apply for Heinrich Boll Scholarships

For information of application criteria and processes, please look at information sheetA 1-1 (“scholarship award application for undergraduate and graduate students”, PDF) or A 2-1 (“scholarship award application for doctoral studies”). The online application platform closes on 1 September at the latest.

  • Collect information on the application procedure and the needed documents
  • Sign up on the online application portal
  • Supply the needed information in the Online Application Portal
  • After submitting all of your credentials, submit your application prior to the end of the application closing date.

Application Deadline: 1 September (annual)

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