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Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships in USA 2022/2023

Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships is a completely funded postdoctoral scholarship. This scholarship award is open to international students who want to pursue postdoctoral studies in universities across USA. The Foundation affords adequate monetary assistance to support the careers of young individuals carrying out biological or medical research, and this is done to accomplish its ultimate goal of enlarging the number of creative, well-trained and devoted medical scientists. This scholarship award covers monetary aid of a total sum of US$60,000 per year.

The Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships is highly competitive. Below 5% of the people applying for the program are granted. Please be informed that the Foundation is not capable of criticizing ineffective proposals due to the volume of requests received.

Scholarship Summary

  • Study Level: Postdoctoral
  • Institution(s): Helen Hay Whitney Foundation
  • Country: United States
  • Course Offered: Biomedical Sciences
  • Duration of Program: 3 years
  • Deadline:  June 15th, 2021, 5:00pm EST.

Benefits of Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships

Beneficiaries of Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships are offered the benefits below:

  • The fellowship covers expenses for travel to the fellowship location at the period of activation of the fellowship for the Fellow and his or her family.
  • The fellowship also covers travel costs incurred for the two-day Annual Fellows Meetings that takes place in November.
  • The fellowship provides the Dependent Child Allowance of $1,500 per year for every child.
  • Transportation of household goods will not be covered.
  • The current stipend and expense allowance is:
             Stipend      Research Allowance
1st Year              $54,000          $1,500
2nd Year  $57,000          $1,500
3rd Year   $60,000          $1,500

Eligibility for Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships

To be eligible for Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships applicants must satisfy the conditions below:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All countries in the world.

Note: In case the applicant is a foreign citizen (including from conflict areas) he or she must hold a local residency status and authorization to work in the country of the fellowship to which they are applying.

  • Applicants who have, or are in the final phases of earning a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent degree, and are looking for beginning postdoctoral training in basic biomedical research.
  • Applicants who have no more than one year of postdoctoral research experience at the period of the deadline for submissions, and who have attained a PhD (or D.Phil. or equivalent) degree no more than two years prior to the deadline, or an M.D. degree no more than three years prior to the deadline.
  • The award may be granted to foreign citizens for research in laboratories in the US only. and it expects that most candidates will live in North America at the period of application.
  • The program will not ordinarily consider candidates who plan duration of the fellowship in the laboratory where have already experienced extensive pre-doctoral or postdoctoral training. The goal of the fellowship is to widen postdoctoral training and knowledge, and a noteworthy change of venue is advisable.
  • International Students will need to get the right visa documentation, as mandatory by US Immigration.
  • Clinical house-staff training is not reckoned as “postdoctoral laboratory training.”.
  • Submissions from expert scientists or advanced fellows will not be considered. The fellowships are for budding scientists only.
  • A two-day Annual Meeting of Fellows is done in November of yearly, where each third-year Fellow presents the results of his or her research. This meeting is a vital aspect of the program because of the opportunity it provides the Fellows for scientific interchange and exposure to biomedical fields other than their own. Attendance at the meeting in its entirety is expected as a condition of acceptance of the fellowship.

How to Apply for Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships

Ensure you visit official website link provided at the end of this article. To avail Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships, applicants should follow the guidelines below:

  • Read the guidelines prudently before starting the online application. Apply from here.
  • Download the Reference_Letter Template and forward to your four referees, All four completed reference letters should be emailed to (, convert the letter to PDF format and tag the PDF file based on the guidelines on the Reference Letter Template.
  • Download form Application Items 1-6. After its completion, upload it along with the other demanded items.

IMPORTANT: The uploading of the zipped file should be done instantly following the submission of the 2-page application cover (it should NOT be uploaded at a later time or date).

  • Complete the application form here.

To inquire further about Helen Hay Whitney Fellowships, please visit the Official Website

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