Khomanani College in South Africa

Khomanani College is a Private College in Gauteng, South Africa. All the latest news and vital information about the Khomanani College can be found on this page.

Khomanani College

  • Registration Number: 2011/FE07/058
  • Institution Location: Gauteng
  • Qualification Types: National Certificate
  • Type of education institution: Private College

Khomanani College aims to promote good communicative and performance skills through assessing their students, education and training which is innovative, personal and authentic. Various courses are offered at their campus. Their vision is inspire both their teaching staff and learners to have a love for learning and also equip their students with the necessary skills.

Khomanani College Qualifications offered


  • Business, Finance and Management
  • Media Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology

Khomanani College Fees:

Consult the website for information regarding fees.

Khomanani College Applications:

Applications may be done online via the website.

Khomanani College Website


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