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Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship in USA 2022

Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship for Global Health promotes a global community of young women to push their vision, grow their abilities, nurse their ideas, and uplift their voices to become advocates of a better tomorrow. Young women play a crucial part in helping sustain the health and welfare of our communities; however they are usually not available opportunities to initiate change.

Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship – About

Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship strives to recognize, and nurse young women from all over the world to co-create transformative global health projects with “ThinkWell.” Selected applicants will be part of a 12-month inaugural cohort designed to bring their interests and ideas to life.

Beneficiaries of Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship will work with “ThinkWell” experts, and have opportunity to cutting-edge resources to co-create a project idea in health systems, health advocacy, health policy, or health entrepreneurship. Leading global health experts from “ThinkWell” will work as a mentor to every fellow, working them through the entrepreneurial procedure and offering critical feedback along the way. Beneficiaries will compose a summary of their trainings and findings, and make a presentation after 12 months.

It is understandable that fellows will be at varying phases of development in their fields of interest, and we are dedicated to curate and facilitate experiences designed to bring value to each fellow; while fellows are mostly responsible for individual projects, cross-collaboration and exchange of ideas is encouraged.

Type: Fellowship

Application Deadline: 14th May 2021

Eligibility for Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship

Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship seeks applications from exceptionally brilliant, driven, and motivated women with a growing interest to explore a concept in global health. These fellows should be self-starters, have shown leadership qualities in their communities, and have a dedication to challenge the status quo. Applicants should be in or have just accomplished a master’s degree or higher. Importantly, the program will accept auspicious female candidates from Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

Selection Criteria: Potential fellows can apply for the program with an original project idea; apply on the merits of their achievements with an aspiration to co-create a project in a field of interest with leading “ThinkWell” experts. Proposed ideas or fields of interest must be connected to health policy, health systems, health advocacy, and/or health entrepreneurship.

Applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Is the idea or field of interest monetarily, politically, practically realistic?
  • What influence will the idea or area of interest have?
  • What background/experiences make the candidate qualified to embark on a project in this space?

Eligible Countries: Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Benefits of Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship

  • Beneficiaries will be offered allowance to help them with living costs and project expenses
  • Beneficiaries will be offered “ThinkWell” mentors who are in-country foremost experts in global health
  • Beneficiaries will get tailored exposure, tools, resources, and workshops to hasten their impact
  • Beneficiaries will be provided access to a global community of health experts

Duration of Award: 12 months

How to Apply for Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship

To apply online for Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship, please follow the guidelines below:

1) Curriculum Vitae detailing your education, experience, and achievements.

2) Recommendation letter detailing how the applicant exemplifies solid merits and dedication to the field of global health

3) Provide answers to the questions below about a project/initiative in health systems, health advocacy, health policy, or health entrepreneurship

  • Problem Statement: What problems do you want to solve during the program? Provide indication of the problems with data and facts (maximum of 350 words)
  • Potential Solutions: Provide a convincing elucidation of the opening/opportunity/ void you see in the ecosystem. Showcase possible measures you’d explore as a possible solution. If you have an established idea, please expand on it here (maximum of 350 words)
  • Impact: Elucidate the anticipated impact you hope to address by researching your problem area. What are some long-term goals? (maximum of 200 words)
  • Potential Challenges: Concisely explain any possible challenges that you may come across as you explore your problem area (maximum of 200words)
  • Answers to the following questions: Which professional achievement to this moment are you proudest of (maximum of 200 words)? ; What are your professional goals for the next coming years (maximum of 150 words)?  ; How would this opportunity progress your goals? (maximum of 150 words)

It is vital to go through all application prerequisites in the official website (see Link below) before applying.

To inquire further and apply for Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship, please visit the Official Website.

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