SASSA R350 SRD Grant Payment Method Can Be Changed Whenever You Want

SASSA has announced that beneficiaries are now able to change their R350 grant payment method whenever they feel like it. Continue reading to get all the details and also find a guide to changing your grant payment method.

“Payment method for the special COVID-19 SRD grant can now be changed on any day of the month,” is the latest update from SASSA.

Previously, beneficiaries were only allowed to change their SRD grant payment method during the first week of every month. Now, it has changed to whenever beneficiaries feel the need to do so.

This means that should beneficiaries want to change their payment method to receive their grant through a bank account instead, they can do this anytime.

SASSA also said:

Beneficiaries of the COVID-19 SRD grant are encouraged to use their bank accounts to receive this grant to avoid overcrowding at the post offices.

How To Change SRD Grant Payment Method

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to ‘How do I change my banking details’
  3. Submit your ID Number
  4. An SMS containing a secure link, unique to you, will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during application
  5. Click on the link in the SMS
  6. Follow the instructions carefully

The R350 grant can be paid into a bank account, through a Post Office or via CashSend.

Beneficiaries are reminded that there is no set R350 grant payment date. SASSA aims to make SRD payments very soon after verifying the R350 grant application.

The grant will then be paid using the payment method chosen by the beneficiary.

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