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Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship at University of Glasgow in UK 2022

The University of Glasgow has quite an amount of Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship awards obtainable to new foreign and EU students for 2021 entry. The Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship is granted as a tuition fee discount of £5,000 each year of study and is conditional on satisfactory progress for subsequent years of study.

The University of Glasgow is the fourth university to be established in the UK and one of the 100 best higher academic institutions in the world. Each year, the school welcomes foreign students from all around the world, and provides a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to pick from.

As it is common with universities of the pre-modern period, Glasgow initially educated scholars mainly from wealthy backgrounds; however, it became a forerunner in British higher education in the 19th century by also catering for the needs of scholars from the growing urban and commercial middle class. Glasgow University trained all of these scholars by getting them ready for professions: medicine, law, teaching, civil service, and the church. It also trained lesser but increasing numbers for careers in science and engineering. The yearly revenue of the school for 2017–18 was £626.5 million out of which £180.8 million was from research grants and contracts, with an outflow of £610.1 million.

Foreign students now have the opportunity to gain from the undergraduate excellence scholarship awards for the academic session 2021 provided by the University of Glasgow. These scholarship awards are devoted to exceptional students coming from all over the globe who wish to continue their programs at the university.

Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship Information

  • Host University: University of Glasgow;
  • Host country: Scotland;
  • Scholarship Level: Undergraduate;
  • Scholarship Type: Fixed Funding;
  • Countries Eligibility: Foreign students;
  • Application Deadline: May 31, 2021.

Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship is granted as a tuition fee reduction of £5,000 yearly but students will have to maintain satisfactory progress for subsequent years of study.

Eligible study programs:

  • History[MA/LLB/MA(SocSci)]
  • Immunology[BSc/MSci]
  • Human Biology[BSc/MSci]
  • History of Art[MA]
  • Italian[MA]
  • Human Biology & Nutrition[BSc]
  • International Relations[MA(SocSci)]
  • Mathematics[BSc/MA/MA(SocSci)/MSci]
  • Latin[MA]
  • Mechanical Design Engineering[BEng/MEng]
  • Mechanical Engineering[BEng/MEng]
  • Microbiology[BSc/MSci]
  • Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics[BEng/MEng]
  • Mechatronics[BEng/MEng]
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology (with Biotechnology)[BSc/MSci]
  • Marine & Freshwater Biology[BSc/MSci]
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology[BSc/MSci]
  • Molecular & Cellular Biology (with Plant Science)[BSc/MSci]
  • Music[BMus]
  • Neuroscience[BSc/MSci]
  • Nursing[BN]
  • Music[MA]
  • Pharmacology[BSc/MSci]
  • Philosophy[BSc/MA/LLB/MA(SocSci)]
  • Physics with Astrophysics[BSc/MSci]
  • Physiology[BSc/MSci]
  • Physics / Theoretical Physics[BSc/MSci]
  • Politics[MA/LLB/MA(SocSci)]
  • Portuguese[MA]
  • Quantitative Methods[MA(SocSci)]
  • Russian[MA]
  • Physiology & Sports Science[BSc/MSci]
  • Physiology, Sports Science & Nutrition[BSc/MSci]
  • Scots Law[LLB]
  • Scots Law (graduate entry)[LLB]
  • Psychology[BSc/MA/MA(SocSci)]
  • Scottish History[MA/MA(SocSci)]
  • Scottish Literature[MA]
  • Social & Public Policy[MA/LLB/MA(SocSci)]
  • Software Engineering[BSc/MSci]
  • Spanish[MA]
  • Theatre Studies[MA]
  • Theology & Religious Studies[BD/MA]
  • Sociology[MA/MA(SocSci)]
  • Statistics[BSc/MSci]
  • Zoology[BSc/MSci]

Eligibility for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship at University of Glasgow

  • Candidate have to be an international candidate coming from one of the qualified nations and liable for international fees.
  • Apply to one of the qualified undergraduate study programs and gain admission.
  • Be able to display an exceptional academic record and gaining A level or its local equivalent in the listed programs:
Program A Levels International Baccalaureate
All programs within the College of Arts ABB 34
All programs with the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences (excluding Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Medicine) ABB 34
School of Chemistry ABB 34
School of Geographical & Earth Sciences ABB 34
School of Education ABB 34
School of Interdisciplinary Studies ABB 34
School of Social & Political Sciences ABB 34
Adam Smith Business School (not including BAcc Accounting & Finance) AAB 36
School of Mathematics & Statistics AAB 36
School of Physics & Astronomy AAB 36
School of Psychology AAB 36
James Watt School of Engineering AAA 38
School of Computing Science *scholarship award offer only automatic for candidates applying prior to 29th January 2021 AAA 38
School of Law A*AA 39
BAcc Accounting & Finance A*AA 39

How to Apply for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship at University of Glasgow

There is no other application form for this scholarship award. Candidates who possess an offer of admission for an undergraduate study program will be directly evaluated for the grant on the basis of their academic excellence.

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